HTC One – Review Part 5

Welcome to my fifth part of the HTC One review. It has been an interesting 5 days with the phone and an experience that keeps on improving. As mentioned before I’ve started to embrace the phone the way HTC envisioned. Blinkfeed is my only home screen. It provides information on everything I need.

Blinkfeed has options to incorporate Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, twitter, your calendar, Zoe share, kid mode, best deals, and TV guide. The categories for fetching news include trending topics, business, design, entertainment, environment, gaming, lifestyle, music, politics, sports, Tecnhology and science, travel, and world. That’s a lot of stuff. But what’s good is it will show your latest calendar entry, a TV programme coming up that you want to watch, your social media updates and any other topic you have selected. Part of the Blinkfeed includes the clock, weather, date, the ability to search, respond, and select the category or social service only to be displayed. See screen shots below.




A feature I haven’t touched upon is the infra red sensor built into the power button. Combined with the TV app, you can set it up to control your TV and other devices. You also on first opening chose a few selections of preferred TV and then each time you open it, the app shows either your favourite programmes, recommended and what’s up now and next , next week and what programme you have scheduled. The time sensitive information can be added to Blinkfeed. Once setup the screens will look li



You also get basic controls in the notification menu and if app is active and the phone turns off, lifting the phone up turns the phone back on automatica



All once again very impressive and cross integrated into the features and functions of the HTC One.

Tomorrow I will have a look at the setting options and gesture support.


2 thoughts on “HTC One – Review Part 5

  1. Nice review Gavin. I have been impressed with some of the features and how well they work. I would actually like to switch blinkfeed off entirely. which is not an option. The sheer volume of images the device auto uploads to dropbox/G+ is an annoyance too.


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