HTC One – part 3

Over the last few days I have posted a number of articles detailing my time with the HTC One. To read the previous parts click here.

Today, after spending more time with the phone I am beginning to grasp some of its uniqueness. Sometimes specs don’t reveal the real truth, since its the real life user experience that counts, and whether the specs or features actually add any proper benefit to the user.

So yesterday I mentioned how taking photos was a breeze and some of the pre camera effects possible. I haven’t touched on the video side, but needless to say it has some great qualities including slow motion and image stabilisation software as seen in the Nokia Lumia 920. So after taking a photo you can edit, share, print, send and so much more. When you open the gallery you are faced with a screen as below.


Within this first screen you have options to see Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and Picasa photos displayed. I only have Flickr set up for the time being. If you touch the “my photos” you jump into another screen. This can show albums, events or locations. If you click into events, you can then select an event, as shown below.


You will notice the top box has a play icon. What this does it jump to the next screen shot and allows you to show off the photos of your days shooting with a musical showcase presentation. You can change the effects and more. This is a really simple idea and works really well. Plus the boom box speakers on the front with beats sound incredible. It’s not a gimmick at all. And here is a YouTube video with 8 photos put together in seconds by the HTC One – click here.


You can also use the Zoe mode or continuous shooting mode to combine multiple photos into one. Really cool again.

Of course with each photo you can edit them in the photo editor which is excellent. It has options for effects, frames, retouch and transform. Each of these options reveal tons of other options including auto enhance, colour filters galore, several frames, skin smoothing, face slimming, eye enhancer, crop, rotate, flip and straighten and much more.

If you have a DNLA TV you can of course send the photos to the TV, or use HTC Media Hub as another way of doing the same thing.

Some of features. Long press the power button brings up shortcuts for power off, aeroplane mode, kids mode and restart. Yes there is a kids zone mode which is a safe environment for your kids to use your phone.


So what else have I being doing with my One. Well I’ve been using Blinkfeed a lot more. It really is a great piece of software. I’ve changed my default home screen slightly. See below.


One thing I noticed that using the HTC One camera and changing between the different options on screen feel fast and logical. Well thought out menus and quick changing. My Samsung Note 2 and S3 were never as fast with the menu settings and felt congested too. The other thing with the One is forgetting all its specs, what you will get is a perfect photo pretty much first time every time no matter what the lighting conditions. Impressive.

One last thing, the sound quality whether though the front speakers or via your headphones is stunning. I keep listening to more and more of my music with a variety of headphones and keep getting omg moments.

More on Tuesday. Day off tomorrow 🙂


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