Nokia Lumia 620 – another day

I had decided yesterday would be my final part of the review for the Nokia Lumia 620, but I thought I would update you on some developments.

Firstly, I have taken the plunge and sold my iPhone 5. That’s right the 620 is now my only and daily driver. Apart from what I have written, I am discovering a few new things and wanted to mention a couple more features.

Apps and games. The Windows Phone store definitely has weaknesses in both areas but especially games. Luckily, Nokia have plugged the gap with some of their own offerings. However it is not all doom and gloom. To recap some of the apps I now have installed are –

Amazing Weather – superb weather app, with live tile and live tile options, lockscreen weather too – paid app with 72 hour free trial

Amazon Kindle, Amazon Mobile, BT Wifi, Cinemagraph, eBay, Fhotoroom, Flickr, gMaps, Groupon, Hello, Here Transit, Linkedin, Lomogram, MetOffice, MeTweets (great twitter app) Natwest, Nextgen Reader (paid Google Reader appp plus other RSS stuff, very good too), Paypal, Shrink Storage, Sky News, Skydrive, Skype, Sophie Lens for Nokia,, Stopwatch, Three Hub, Tunein Radio, TV Guide, TV Catchup, Twitter, Viber, Weather Channel, WhatsApp, WordPress, YouTube and Zite.

Games include Fruit Ninja, Wordament, Lexiqo and Brain Cube Reloadeded.

And don’t forget Nokia include some great sat nav, mapping and transit software, Nokia Music, City Lens and much more. As the 620 is a Windows Phone you also get MS Office and One Note, Skype, and Skydrive. So as long as the above is enough to quence your thirst, the 620 is a great phone. Don’t forget you can change the colour of the back or get a water resistant back too.

Now back to some of the other features I have seen while using this as my daily driver. As I have been using the 620, and repeating some actions more often than others, little tip menus appear showing me how to carry out the same action but in 1 step instead of say 3. For example, I used to open the phone app, select a contact from calling history, tap name, tap dial mobile. The tip menu told me all I had to do was tap on the left edge of the person’s name, and this would dial number straight away. In email, tapping on left edge brought up on left side check boxes. Tick the boxes to delete emails quickly.

In other words the 620 is trying to help me work even faster. It even got me to my Chinese takeaway quicker last night. Nokia’s included Satnav software, which if you recall allows you to download maps of an entire country, is psychic. I open up the app, go to select destination, and I type “CANTO”. 2nd entry on the suggestive addresses is the Cantonese Chinese Takeaway in Tavistock. I love this app. So off I go and get my dinner. It was delicious in case you’re wondering.

Themes. Within the settings is themes which allow you to select from a grid of colours and whether you want a dark or light background. Not only does it change the colour of the live tiles but the theme of every app. Some apps do have options to override this, but it gives a new style as often as you want. Now all I need are some colourful back covers to match the tiles.

All in all I am really enjoying the experience and it is making me wonder what I really need in a phone. It is becoming so enjoyable, I can’t see the need to change it.

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