Samsung Galaxy S4 Game Pad

The Samsung Game Pad is available for £90. This add on maybe the reason I get the new S4.

Features Bluetooth connectivity and NFC pairing. The Game Pad connects to your S4 wirelessly using Bluetooth. This means that you can insert your smartphone quickly and get gaming without having to fiddle about with connections. Additionally, using NFC TecTiles you can pair your Galaxy S4 with the Game Pad automatically for greater convenience.
Suitable for screen sizes between 4″ – 6.3″. Designed for the Galaxy S4, the Samsung Game Pad includes an adjustable clamp design which securely holds your phone securely within the pad so you can game on the go. Because it is suitable for 4″ – 6.3″ the Game Pad can be used with even the largest smartphones. Optimised buttons and controls for superior gaming performance
The Game Pad includes all of the controls and buttons you would expect on a console-based games controller. These include select, start, back, home and menu buttons as well as four action buttons, shoulders keys, an omni-directional d-pad and dual analog sticks. This ensures that you can play your mobile games just as you play console games with all the interactivity and gaming performance a quality gaming pad provides.

Watch out for my review of this accessory.


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