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WWDC 2016 – Ian’s Thoughts of the Keynote Speech

Ian has jotted down a few thoughts following Apple’s WWDC Keynote speech –

Thoughts on WWDC

So as an Apple Watch, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro owner have been waited for this for a while, and just invested in S7 edge and 360 Cam so wanted Apple to step up.

WatchOS -Good badly needed update, as apps pretty much unusable. Happy with new Swiping through apps, speed increases.watch faces

TVOS – Poor hmmm sold mine and moved to the shield, nothing impressed here, need to really improve gaming aspect,

MacOS – Good, watch unlocking, ApplePay, sync between macs, not totally convinced on Siri but solid update

IOS- Great, much needed Apple Music, and blatant copy of Google photos , maps and messaging – finally HomeKit !!! …guess no support for Nest or Smart Things

So great Keynote All in all

What was missing, PadOS ??? Hmm much needed on the pro, mouse support, file system, I can dream

WWDC 2016 – Wow – My Thoughts on the New Betas , Features and Keynote Speech

Apple held their WWDC 2016 Keynote Speech yesterday. It was great to see a mix of employees present on stage. It was also apparent that Apple had tons of stuff to try and get through.

Highlights included a whistle stop tour of iOS 10, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

watchOS 3 seemed to address many of the complaints of the current firmware with considerably faster running apps, new watch faces, improved ways to respond and a tweaked user interface. The activity app became more social too. All in all, the Apple Watch just became far more polished and potentially easier to use.

iOS 10 – so much to cover, new features across the board from Photos (RAW photo editing is also possible now), Maps, iMessages and more. Siri suddenly became more useful and functional. The lock screen got spruced up. API’s galore for developers including access to Siri and iMessage. Lots of new gloss too. BUT some of the more interesting changes were those not discussed. A high level take is Apple opening up the platform more than it ever has done.

Apple apps can be uninstalled. These include – Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts,FaceTime,iTunes Store,Mail, Maps, Music,Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, Stocks,Tips,Videos,Voice Memos, Watch, Weather, Game Center – That’s a big list. Of course, as these Apple apps now appear in the App Store, it means Apple can provide quick updates to the core apps without a new firmware.

macOS – this also had lots of new features, the biggest with Siri integration, Apple Pay on the web which also features in iOS 10, universal clipboard and many more.

tvOS – lots of changes here from support for 4 game controllers, a dark theme, single sign on for all the different web services and lots more.

In fact, the list of changes is huge. My concern is how is everybody going to learn how to use all these new features and will it make Apple products harder to understand. Apart from that, the Apple software for the future looks exciting and provides a glimpse of what new hardware could be released to accommodate all these changes.

So what are your thoughts?