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What’s going wrong with the world’s tech press?

Yesterday evening I read a few reviews and articles from a cross section of well known tech websites. Within all the headline was a controversial word or statement.

I read a review from Arstechnica covering the LG G5. It was a scathing headline grabbing review. It was also clear not much real life usage had occurred. Now take for example Android Central. Phil Nickinson published his review of the LG G5 and was also not happy with the G5 and also had a headline grabbing title. However, at least Phil justified why he was unhappy with the phone, and that was a good thing.

Android Authority had 2 articles up regarding the HiFi DAC for the LG G5. One was a review of the HiFi DAC. This was a well constructed piece so therefore people would probably believe what was written. Except it was factually incorrect. And then there was an attention grabbing headline re it not coming to certain countries. LG have never said that. The accessories need to pass various regulatory departments.

I could go on as BGR and Engadget also had articles that didn’t sit well with myself in terms of standards. Unfortunately, we live in the world where sensational titles and articles create more web traffic and in turn more income.