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The 5:2 Blood Sugar Diet – Week 2

Welcome to my journey on the 5:2 Blood Sugar Diet, week 2. Prior to starting the 5:2 BSD Diet, I completed the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet on the 10th September 2016, which allows 800 calories a day for 8 weeks. The diet is genius as it has the capability to reverse type 2 diabetes and or lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and lose a lot of weight in 8 weeks.

To recap my 8 week journey on the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet, Click HERE.

So what is the 5:2 Blood Sugar Diet? Well, it is the same Mediterranean style diet as the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet, but no calorie counting for 5 days, and 2 days at 800 calories.

I am still enjoying the same delicious breakfast, egg on hi-lo bread. The bread is from Sainsburys and is high in protein and only 5g of carbs per slice. I am using real butter on the toast. To create the perfect egg on toast, I am using my beloved Andrew James Egg Boiler. Link at the end of the post. I love starting the day this way!


To recap, on the 8 week blood sugar diet results, I lost 2st 4lbs, dropped my blood sugar levels to normal, reduced by blood pressure to normal, lost 3 inches off my neck and 4.5 inches off my waist.

So my journey has moved to the 5:2 Blood Sugar Diet plan. This is the results from week 2. My plan is now to try and lose 7 stone, bringing my total weight loss when I reach my goal at 9 stone weight loss, or 45% off my start weight. Wish my luck!

So how did week 1 go? Well my blood sugar and pressure levels are still normal. I lost 1/2 lbs in weight, (I weigh now 19st 5.5lbs), my neck and waist stayed the same this week. So now I have lost 3.5 inches off my neck and 5 inches off my waist.

If you have any questions or tips, do leave a comment.

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The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet – Just 800 calories per day – Week 2 – The Epic Results & My Journey


On the 16th July 2016, I started the 8 week Blood Sugar diet that is just 800 calories per day. I completed week 2 on Saturday 30th July 2016. It’s been a week of highs and lows.

The lows. I have been weighing myself daily which on any other diet I wouldn’t bother doing, but the Blood Sugar Diet recommends daily weighing. As you all know, last Saturday my weight lost was 1st 1lb. However, when I jumped on the scales on Sunday, the weight jumped up 3 lbs. So before I could jump to any conclusions, I weighed myself on Monday as planned. Based on the results weighing each day after, it is clear I had an erroneous measurement on Saturday 23rd July. So based on the fact I probably lost a l lb from Friday’s weight, my Week 1 weight loss was realistically more like 10 lbs. And this is the figure I am going to use in the results tracker further down. On Tuesday around 3pm, I felt really weak with no energy and somewhat hungry. As a result I had to eat my dinner at 5pm. This was the first time I had felt like this for about 7 days.

The highs. The good news is the above incident was a one off. I have continued to stick to the 800 calories a day rigidly and consequently have had more improvements in my health stats by the end of Week 2. More on the good news further down in the results. I feel fantastic in Week 2. Full of energy and motivated to keep going. Willpower is important and being in the right frame of mind. Somehow I have managed both. I’ll be honest, typing this diary helps keep me motivated. If I fail, you will all know I failed, so I can’t fail, can I! Also, all the support across the internet and at home makes a big difference. And finally, I decided it was time for action. 8 weeks of my life is such a small amount of time in reality.

I have simplified my breakfasts to having a healthy shake from one of the menus in the Blood Sugar Diet book. One of my kitchen gadgets is an Andrew James soup maker. (More info and Amazon link on the Andrew James Soup maker –  Click HERE. ) It also does shakes which makes light work of creating a superb shake each morning. The shakes are made from Fage Full Fat Greek Yoghurt, Green Tea, Blueberries (sometimes I use raspberries or blackberries) and flax seeds.

To keep my body going to the loo properly, I have found I need to drink 3-4 litres of water a day. Obviously drinking that amount of water has side effects of needing to pee a lot 🙂

Just as a reminder to help me make this diet work, I am using various gadgets to help me record and monitor accurately my progress. I am also taking selfies along the way. If you want to recap all the items I’m using , read my first post –  Click HERE. I also have a dedicated page where all my diet posts are being kept. This can be found using the Menu or Click HERE. . It is worth checking out each week’s posts as I also show a selection of the meals I ate.

Feedback. Thanks for all the positive feedback received. All your support is really helping me keep to the plan. I have received many comments on I don’t think I could manage on less than 2,000 calories a day. Well, that’s nonsense. First to understand why you can, read the book. Second, the diet uses food to help keep you feeling full, but also as a method to reset blood sugar levels. The amount of people I have spoken to who have reversed Type 2 diabetes is incredible. I don’t have type 2, but my blood sugar levels were very high and close to being pre diabetic and overweight too.

As mentioned before I am using a notebook to plan my week’s food out in advance. I am using many of the of the suggested menus in the Bloodsugardiet book. Amazon Link to Blood Sugar Diet book – Click HERE.

Below are a selection of my meals, from lunch, breakfast and dinner. These are all from the Blood Sugar Diet book. What amazes me is the fact that full fat items are used in this diet. The full fat helps keeping you feel full and is healthy. Who’d have thought that! Click on any photo to open the gallery to see photo in a larger size. Don’t forget to check out Week 1 Post which has more food photos 🙂 The soup below (made with my Andrew James Soup maker) is beetroot and apple soup with cannelloni beans. It tasted great. One of my lunches was prawns with chillies on a mixed salad.

So how did week 2 go in terms of weight, blood sugar levels and more ? Below are the measurements from Saturday 23rd July 2016, exactly two weeks after being on the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet.

Here we go – 

– Weight – lost 6 lbs this weekOverall weight loss – 1 stone 2 lbs.

– Waist – lost 0.5 inch this week. Overall 2.5 inches loss on my waist. My overall body shape looks a lot slimmer. Clothes are looking baggy on me.

– Neck – 2 inches loss overall since start of 8 Week Plan.

– Blood Sugar levels – down 17% overall. No change since last week.

– Blood Pressure – down 10% this week. 20% overall. My blood pressure is now in the normal healthy range!!

– Body Water Percentage – increased by 0.5% since the start of the diet. No change since last week.

As a consequence, my BMI and body fat has also dropped.

Finally I would like to say thank you again to everybody who wished me good luck. It really helped keep my motivation up!

So all that remains is to complete the next 6 weeks. 

PS – Just to re-iterate I went to my doctor to discuss going on this plan as recommended by the book. My doctor was very supportive and offered a number of ways of helping me at different intervals. In fact, I was surprised just how helpful and supportive my doctor was when I mentioned I wanted to start the 8 week blood sugar diet. When I finish the 8 weeks plan, I will move to the 5:2 diet.