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What happens when you leave your wallet at home ? Apple Pay? Mobile Apps?

Yesterday started like normal except about one hour into to the morning I realised that my wallet was not in my pocket. 

Two swear words later and I realised I had left it at home. A year ago based on the day ahead I would have had to have driven home to pick up my wallet. 

But with the ability to use Apple Pay on my iPhone and along with other mobile and banking apps I was decided to see if I could manage to survive the day without my wallet?

During the day I went to specific places that had contactless credit card machines, which meant I could use Apple Pay accordingly. Whilst Apple Pay is accepted in a number of places it is not widespread enough yet but it is getting better. For example I bought some groceries in Tesco’s which accepted Apple Pay. However, some other Tesco stores I have visited do not accept Apple Pay.

I think once Samsung and Android Pay arrive in the UK, the adoption by retailer for contactless payment will accelerate, so I do hope we see these services asap.

I was not sure everywhere I was travelling too would accept Apple Pay, so for a backup I used my banking app at a cash machine, and withdrew some cash. You can’t beat hard cold cash!

Fortunately, I had enough credit on my Starbucks app to purchase an expresso and a piece of cake.

So throughout the day I managed quite well with just my phone and mobile apps. Then came the low fuel warning on the car so off to the nearest petrol station. Before I fuelled up I went and asked the cashier if they accepted contactless payments.

They didn’t.

So this was the time I had to use the cash I had withdrawn using my mobile banking app.

So by the time I got home, I had managed without my wallet. I reckon in another 12-18 months time carrying a wallet will not be necessary at all.