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Macro Photography

We all go nuts (well some of us do) over how good our camera is on our smartphone. Well, maybe we all should just buy a decent camera that is small enough to fit in your pocket. This is what I have done. Except I took the Sony RX100 III and have modded it. The alterations are straight forward, and provide significant benefits not just to the RX100 III, but even more so to the earlier versions especially RX100 II or RX100 I. I will be writing an editorial on this later this week.

One of the weaknesses is macro on the RX100. However, after modding the RX100 III, I am now able to create macros as below. I am hoping as I spend more time with the RX100, that I will be able to improve upon the macro shots. No filter were used in these photos, just a frame added.

Hover Fly #macro #topview

Hover Fly #macro #feeding

Fake Mini Limes #plant #macro

Tangled Mess #macro

That Bee #macro