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Olloclip 3-in-1 Lenses for iPhone 5 Review

Olloclip produce a snap on/off 3-in-1 lens solution for the iPhone 4/4S and now the iPhone 5. I bought one for my iPhone 5 and really have been very impressed by this little accessory. The results can be really artistic and fun, and incredible too. Basically you place on the camera corner of the iPhone 5. One side does the fisheye, switching over does wide angled. Unscrewing the wide angled lens reveals the macro lens. So below is a normal shot from the iPhone 5 camera.


And now the same shot with the fisheye lens.

And now using the wide angled lens.

But now let’s look at the macro lens. This is a close up shot taken on the iPhone 5.

And now using the Olloclip macro.

The level of detail and close up is really impressive.

You can also use the Olloclip for video. The Olloclip only works on a naked iPhone 5, so make sure when you attach the lens there is no dirt on your phone or inside the slot of the Olloclip.

I really love this attachment.

Olloclip Case & Lenses

Olloclip make a superb snap on camera lens for the iPhone 4 to 5. I have the Olloclip for the iphone 5 and will be writing a full review shortly. Olloclip at CES have produced a case with a slide-open corner for use with the Olloclip.

The corner of the case unclips and swings over the top of the case and once flipped it’s edge rests on the volume button of the iPhone 5, converting what was a useless piece of plastic into a big, easy-to-press shutter button. Very clever. Neat, right?

Also clever is the dock part of the case, which slides onto the bottom half when needed and adds a tripod mount and a cold-shoe accessory mount.

The case, which has yet to be named, will be out soon around $50.

Also of interest is that future Olloclips will ship with an adapter for the latest iPod touch in the box. Olloclip is bringing out a new app which will offer a special mode for each of the fisheye, wideangle and macro lenses, as well as optical correction for all of them.

Also in prototype stage is a telephoto lens.

But ask yourself of you are this keen on photography why don’t you just get yourself a proper camera.