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miGuard A105 DIY Alarm System – my review 


Welcome to my review of the miGuard Response A105 Wireless Plug and Play Alarm system. I was looking at the various options on the market and decided to take a closer look at the miGuard A105 starter kit as it seemed to tick all my requirements and was priced reasonably at £69.99. It also had the ability to be expanded which was a key feature for my circumstances.

The Key Features –

– 100% Wireless configuration
– One Button Pairing
– Works as an accessory or standalone alarm panel
– Built in battery for 8 hour standby
– Mute operation and remote alarming
– Supports up to 40 wireless accessories include remote control
– Built in 1,000,000 RF codes combinations to maintain high reliability

Key Specifications

WS-105 Alarm Panel

– AC Power Supply 3.7 V 600mAh lithium backup battery
– Volume 90db
– Static Current less than 13mA, Alarm current less than 100mA
– Radio Frequency – 315 MHZ or 433.92 MHz
– Dimensions 90 x 90 x 42.5mm (plug part on rear not included in dimensions)

PIR-910 Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector

– Power supply DC 3V (2 x AA batteries)
– Static current less than 90ua, Alarm current less than 9.5ua
– Detection scope 8m/110 degrees
– Transmitting distance less than 80m
– Radio Frequency – same as WS-105
– Detector dimensions 108 x 52 x 36.8mm
– Bracket dimensions 52 x30 x 26.5mm

RC-80 Remote Control

– Power supply DC 3V (CR2025 lithium battery)
– Transmitting current less than 7mA
– Transmitting distance less than 80m in an open area
– Radio Frequency – as WS-105
– Dimensions – 58 x31 x 9.5mm

DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window Contact

– Power supply DC 1.5V (1 x AA battery)
– Static current less than 35uA, Alarm current less than 40ua
– Transmitting distance less than 80m
– Radio Frequency – same as WS-105
– Transmitter dimensions 71 x 34 x 17.5mm
– Magnet dimensions 51 x 12 x 13.5mm

In the Box

– 1 x WS 105 Alarm Panel
– 1 x PIR-910 Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector
– 1 x DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window Contact
– 2 x RC-80 Wireless Remote Control
– 1 x Bracket for PIR Motion Detector
– 2 x Double sided tape for door/window contact
– 1 x User Manual
– 2 x screws and wall plugs

In other words, everything you need to get you going is included in the box. So how does it all work and function? Answer very easily but let me explain.

The WS 105 Alarm Panel receives and processes signals from all the other components. Apart from those included in the box, you can add up to 40 wireless accessories. I really like this aspect of the system. The Alarm Panel is the device on the right side of the photo with blue plastic in the middle. If the alarm panel is triggered it sounds a loud alarm noise and the strobe light flashes. It is powered by AC 100 – 200V simply by plugging it in to the wall socket. To operate you just press the button on located on the front. Press to arm or disarm accordingly.

The PIR-910 Pet Immune motion detector works off 2 AA batteries. It features an intelligent passive infrared motion detector, designed to detect humans within 0 to 8m. It also features a fuzzy logic to minimise false alarms. I have dogs so wanted to see how this worked with them. The specs state that pet immunity is for small animals up to 25 kgs. It worked with the 2 girls but George is much bigger and he triggered the alarm. To aid fitting the detector a wall bracket is provided which includes a ball head to help position correctly.

The DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window contacts are fairly self explanatory. The two pieces work using magnets and when the magnet is moved away it transmits to the alarm panel. Double sided tape is provided too for fitment. This detector used 1 x AA battery.

Finally the whole package is rounded off with 2 remote controls. These allow you to arm, disarm, activate SOS and Home Mode. Home Mode is available when you are using zones and means all the detectors are active except for the Home zone area. The SOS button is pressed twice switches to home mode and turns the nightlight on as well.

The included user manual is excellent and provides lots of detailed diagrams and instructions and how to correctly install and position all the detectors plus explains all the extra options. For a beginner, it is simply and plug and play system, but with the ability to expand the system onwards and upwards it can become quite a mighty piece of kit.


The miGuard A105 DIY Alarm system has proven to be reliable and simple to use piece of kit and therefore is recommended by me.

Available from Maplin