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Microsoft Lumia 950 – I’m Sorry – Editorial

I have featured and reviewed many of the Nokia Lumia phones. My excitement for the new Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL was huge. Why? I really like the Windows Phone tiled interface and with a few sacrifices and work arounds it was possible to use a Lumia phone as a main device. The other benefit was its first rate camera.

So yesterday morning I was out shopping and in Carphone Warehouse and low and behold they had a 950 on display and turned on. The 950 XL is not available to buy as I have already explained a few days ago. It is only available for pre order, due 19th January, due to Carphone Warehouse awaiting new firmware updates to remove the bugs. My plan was to purchase a 950.

So there I was using the Lumia 950. Oh such joy using seeing the tiled interface and Windows 10. Well that joy was over fast.

“I’m Sorry”.

I’m sorry but I have firmly decided that after my 20 mins play with the Lumia 950 I am not going to buy this phone. If Microsoft decide to send me one to review that will be the only way I will even consider spending any time with this phone.

In 20 mins with the Lumia 950 which was rebooted just to make sure it was at optimal performance, it seemed to lag worse than any phone I have used in over 12 months. It crashed 3 times, 3 times in 20 mins. We all know there is an app gap both in terms of names of apps and even if the app is on Windows Phone it is rarely with the same feature set. You could say I have been spoilt by iOS 9.2 apps and 3D Touch on the iPhone and this is so true. The diversity and quality of apps on iOS is huge. Android has a decent selection too.

I’m sorry that I have decided that I am not going to get a Windows Phone as I am not prepared to have a second rate app experience. Nor am I going to buy a phone that is clearly in BETA. Now there is nothing to say Microsoft won’t fix the bugs but what are they going to do with their app store which is a disgrace. The Windows store needs clearing out the rubbish and copy cat cloned apps.

Now I know that I am going to get a deluge of hate mail due to this negative article. I did last time I wrote something remotely negative. Well I’m sorry if you feel like acting like an idiot. But let’s face the truth.

The truth. Part of my decision making process was also based on what other people have said about the 950. I have followed carefully many window phone fans across social media. You expect their posts to be biased. The facts are that the hardy fans are not that happy. A devout fan has been posting photos with his Nexus 6 and not his new 950 for example. Why, he is not happy with the 950. Phones Show Chat Podcast went live yesterday and the 950 got discussed and not positively. The next truth is the camera is not ahead of the competition anymore like it always used to be. Samsung, LG and Apple all offer cameras of equal quality and ahead in many ways too.

Will I reconsider a Windows Phone? Maybe, as anything can happen in tech in 18 months. And 18 months is how long I think it will take for Microsoft to either change the fortunes of Windows Phone or call it time and revert to apps and services.

So I’m sorry there will be no Microsoft Lumia articles for the foreseeable future unless some major update(s) occur and change the BETA status of this phone to something more stable. In addition the price needs to drop too. The 950 creaked from its cheap plastic build. I have never felt so disappointed about a new flagship in ages.

Update – based on emails already received, some of you would like me to review this phone. Well if somebody would like to buy a 950 for me to thoroughly test and review then please get in touch. Contact details can be found in the about menu. 

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL – Details are pricing and where to order


Microsoft Store went live yesterday with pre orders for the Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL.

The phones are £449 and £529 respectively. The specs are massive with everything including the kitchen sink. Full details can be find on the link for the Microsoft store above.

Delivery is by 3rd December 2015. My only concern is the Windows App store and the range and condition of the app catalogue available.

So are you ordering one?