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Lizard Squad hacked thousands of cameras to attack websites!

“The hacking collective Lizard Squad isn’t relying solely on masses of compromised PCs to cause some grief online. Security researchers at Arbor Networks have discovered that the outfit compromised several thousand closed-circuit cameras and webcams to create a botnet that it promptly used for denial of service attacks against bank, gaming sites, governments and internet providers. Each device might not be as individually powerful as a PC, but they add up — some attacks flooded sites with as much as 400Gbps of data.

As to the reasons for infiltrating these cameras? Simply put, they’re easy targets.”

With more and more devices being able to connect to the internet, it won’t be long before a hack occurs that closes down a home. Belkin’s WeMo recently updated its firmware for this very reason, discovering a vulnerability that could allow a hacker to replace its firmware with a malicious one and take over your home and more.

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