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LightwaveRF Smart Home Products Review – now with HomeKit, Google & Alexa

Welcome to my review of the LightwaveRF Smart Home products. In my review, I take a look at the LightwaveRF Link Plus, Smart Wall Sockets, Home Thermostat, Smart Radiator Valve and Boiler Switch.

The new generation of products from LightwaveRF now feature HomeKit support, which adds additional two way functionality. Of course, Alexa and Google are also supported. LightwaveRF products are also sold on the Apple online store.

LightwaveRF solve a problem with smart home usage, by actually makes with physical switches smart. This means you can still turn a light switch on from the wall, or use an app, Apple Watch, Siri, Google or Alexa. Not everyone likes using an app or voice control assistants, so by still having a physical switch to adjust, keeps everyone happy in the house. It is also by far the better way of making a home, smart.

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With a wide range of products, the inclusion of HomeKit support, LightwaveRF Smart Home products are recommended.

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