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Night Mode Shootout – Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone X using True HDR Triple Exposures in RAW

So here’s a test you don’t see that often. The criteria, get the best shot inside part of Buckland Abbey which is dark inside, except for blazing sunshine crashing thru some of the windows and the door.

So what did a do to produce the photos. On the Huawei P30 Pro, I used the Night Mode. The sun pouring in via the door caused some issue with Night Mode, so I had to tap the screen to adjust the exposure point. Afterwards, some editing using Adobe Lightroom on the phone. The result is below.

On straight auto mode the doorway on the right is just a blob of white glare. This is the same issue when using auto mode on the iPhone X.

Now why am I using an iPhone X. Simply to run iOS 13 Beta. Now remember the iPhone X is nearly 2 years old. Now using the default camera app is not sufficient and so it’s over to Adobe Lightroom mobile. This app has an option to use its own built in camera app.

iOS has some very clever apps that can extend what’s possible way beyond the default camera app. Adobe Lightroom has a great feature. True HDR. It shoots several images in RAW and then blends them. A quick edit in Adobe Lightroom and here’s the result.

Now clearly there is more detail in the P30 Pro, but it’s too bright and not realistic. The iPhone X captures the atmosphere but is slightly too dark.

A perfect result would have been somewhere in the middle.

Which shot would you share or prefer ?