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Headphones that connect via the iPhone/iPad lightning connector


Above is a photo of the new Philips’s Fidelio NC1L Lightning-connected headphones. The NC1L features a 24-bit DAC and adds active noise cancellation which is powered by the Lightning connector. This will retail for around $300.

This is just one of several headphones that were announced by a number of companies at CES 2015 that would work via the lightning port on an Apple device. The lightning port in theory and hopefully in practice should be able not only to power the noise cancellation circuitry but also provide a much higher quality audio output then just using the headphone port.

Whilst I do not have an iPhone I most certainly would love to try one of the new headphones and see if the connection via the lightning port makes a large difference.

Of course the negative side to buying a headphone this way is it is tied to the Apple ecosystem.

So would you buy one of these bespoke headphones?

Source – appleinsider.com

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