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WWDC 2016 – Apple names the date – What to Expect?


Apple has finally begun sending out invitation to its World Wide Developer Conference 2016 keynote, which is on June 13.

The event kicks off at 10 a.m. Pacific Time in the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco.

I am looking forward to this keynote speech as it will offer glimpses into the changes and improvements expected with the next version of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and OS X.

Apple’s Keynote announcement are always slick presentations, and I expect this keynote will be just as good as previous ones.

Source – Cultofmac

What will you be doing on 10th June 2013?

The keynote speech the world is waiting for happens at 6pm 10th June 2013 UK time. It is Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference and the anticipation is high.

There is an expectation to see glimpses of iOS 7 and the latest Mac OS. Unlikely, but maybe some hardware too. Apple has been very quiet since last year, so everyone is very keen to find out what they have been secretly working on.

One thing is for sure, the next 6-9 months will reveal major refreshes on the software front and brand new hardware to fuel sales frenzies. New iPhones, iPad and Macs are all on the cards and next year the Apple iWatch and iPhablet.

Lets hope Apple live streams the keynote. If it does the Internet is sure to ground to a halt.

So what would you like to see from iOS and Mac OS? And the same question again, but covering the updates to hardware?