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Shot on an Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Pushing the Camera to its Limits – Editorial

The Apple iPhone 6S Plus comes with a reasonable camera capable of consistent and reliable shots time after time. But what if you want to do more with the camera. Thankfully, the A9 processor is extremely powerful which means with the right third party app you can create photos that push the camera to its limits.

For this post I have used to apps. ProCamera+ and Nightcap Pro. These are apps I use all the time and have purchased from the Apple App Store. None of the photos below have been post processed or edited with any filters or any app. These are exactly what the respective apps produced. If you want to view the full size version, just click on the photo.

First up is a shot of Exeter High Street using ProCamera+ in HDR Auto 5 (5 bracketed photos). Just look how dramatic all the colours are in this photo.

Up and down the High Street of Exeter #HDRBracketedx5

Another shot using the ProCamera+ app in HDR Auto 5. This is Exeter Castle and Northenhay Gardens in Exeter.

Views of Northernhay Gardens, Exeter #HDRBracketedx5

Still using ProCamera+ app in HDR Auto 5. Exeter Cathedral Yard. Again fantastic colours.

Views of Historic Exeter #HDRBracketedx5

Same as above for the next 2 shots. Some historic buildings in Exeter.

Views of Historic Exeter #HDRBracketedx5

Views of Historic Exeter #HDRBracketedx5

From what I can see, ProCamera+ works better with buildings than landscapes of fields, trees and plants.

Next up, ProCamera+ low light mode of Postbridge Bridge.

Postbridge Bridge #LowLightmode #ProCamera+

Now using Nightcap Pro long exposure mode. This was a long exposure of 30 seconds.

Postbridge Bridge #LongExposureMode #NightcapPro #raw

ProCamera+ Auto 5 HDR in Black/White HDR.

Postbridge Bridge #B&WHDR #HDRBracketedx5 #ProCamera+ #jpeg

Now I realised after taking the above shots, that ProCamera+ had JPEG quality at 85% and not 100%. It also has the option of saving photos in raw format. Nightcap Pro has this option too. So with all the next shots in raw lets see what we can do.

Nightcap Pro – 30 second exposure in Long Exposure mode. Tripod used.

Church of St Michaels & All Angels #Princetown #lowlight #NightcapPro #LongExposureMode #raw

Now with ProCamera+ Low light mode. Tripod used.

Church of St Michaels & All Angels #Princetown #ProCamera+ #LowLightmode #raw

And now with ProCamera+ Low Light HDR mode. Tripod used again.

Church of St Michaels & All Angels #Princetown #ProCamera+ #lowlighthdrmode #raw

Vast difference here.

Also remember with all the church shots it was near total darkness.

Nightcap Pro also is really excellent for photographing light trails, stars and the Space Station. It actually has specific modes for these items! Below is a quick shot with Nightcap Pro demonstrating light trails.


So there you have it. With the help of alternative apps you can easily push the boundaries of the Apple iPhone 6S Plus camera.