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Apple launches 2 new iPhones, announced Apple Watch and new software – Kills a Classic off too – my thoughts

So boys and girls Apple went and announced 2 new iPhones. A 4.7 iPhone 6 and 5.5 iPhone 6 Plus inch screened iPhone. The 5.5 inch iPhone has optical image stabilisation, whereas the 4.7 inch version does not. Apart from that they are meant to be identical. It is still a 8mp camera which is most disappointing when other competitors are releasing better cameras.

The Apple Watch was announced and unlike Apple it is not available until early 2015, starting at $349. In fact Apple seemed to have created 3 different ranges each with a selection of cool changeable straps and also Apple announced the Apple Watch will be available in two sizes. Apple will have over 36 different configuration options for the Apple Watch. The user interface with the digital crown was a stroke of genius. I was not sold on the watch style, but with the straps it did make a compelling watch. I hate to think how expensive this can go too.

The iPod Classic is no longer being offered for sale after 13 years.

Apple launched Apple Pay, a contact payments solution that uses Touch ID, Passbook and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus NFC chip. This replaces all your credit cards and was a cool secure solution.

Apart from Apple Pay, the new iPhones will have IOS 8 installed which has a host of new features and functions. Reachability will make tapping the top of a larger display a breeze simply by double tapping the Touch ID button.

The Live Stream of the Keynote was a joke. It was in 2 languages, Chinese and American English and kept stop starting or failing altogether.

Apple has also released U2’s new album for free on iTunes.

So what are my views.

The 2 new iPhones were somewhat disappointing. From a hardware point of view my LG G3 is better in every way. iOS 8 software might swing the balance towards the iPhone, but who knows. It is good to have a 128gb version but at £799 sim free that is so expensive. Also the 5.5 inch model is huge. Worth checking the 4.7 first!

The Apple Watch is not available til next year. Makes me wonder if battery life is shocking. Was hoping for a slimmer design. but that’s next year!

Will I buy one. No. What about yourself?

Goodbye iPod Touch – Hello new product category and a Waterproof iPhone 6


It’s all happening at Apple.

New wearables, new iPhone and a new product category to replace the iPod Touch. Well, that is if you believe all the rumours.

First up, via Moscoat is an image of the new iPhone in a waterproof enclosure. Feasible. I would say it surely is and something Apple would be wise to do as nearly all flagships offer some form of water resistance. Even the HTC One M8 does too!

Even more change is the iPod Touch demise. Apple haven’t updated this line for years now. They even sell the iPod Classic which again hasn’t been updated. Apple are now moving the Point of Sale machine terminals from iPod Touches to iPhone 5S’s, showing that the Touch is on it’s last legs. What we will see of the last of the stock been sold off slowly as needed, but replaced by new wearable hardware and a new iPhone.

The only fact that isn’t a rumour, is that you will need to start to save your coffers to be able to afford any of Apple’s new products!

Details of the next large iPhone 6 – confirmed humour

The below is just confirmed humour.

Details arrived via a secret sauce in Gavin’s Gadgets inbox of the larger of the 2 new iPhones.

Apple will take the iPad Mini and make it into a phablet phone. Bigger than all it’s competitors, it will have Samsung Note owners quivering in their boots as to how small their phones now look.

Apple’s designs teams decided to go the bigger is better route. More as this confirmed humour develops.

Apple next iPhone screen size thoughts

This year Apple released the iPhone 5S and reincarnated the iPhone 5 as the iPhone 5C.

But in a surprise it still kept the 4S and it’s 3.5 inch screen on the inventory.

But I think this made sense. The iPhone 6 should have a screen size of around 4.5 inches and without increasing the overall physical size of the current iPhone. When this comes out the 4S won’t be available for sale. This means only 2 phones screen sizes will still only be offered. The new 4.5 inch screen and the older 5S and 5C with its 4 inch screens.

What will be interesting is seeing how many people will jump ship when Apple release a larger iPhone.