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Amazon and Apple end conflict

Good news, Apple and Amazon end their legal battle of the use of the word App Store. Apple had thought it owned the term, and sued Amazon when they launched their own Appstore.

I personally do not like these lawsuits, but it shows common sense prevails eventually as only the lawyers win in these cases.


Buying the latest game consoles? Just how expensive will the games be?

So are you going to be buying a new Xbox One or PS4 ? Personally I’m not as I would never have the time free to spend playing.

But let’s hope the games don’t turn out as expensive as FIFA 14 which is on pre order by Amazon at £90. Amazon do say they will only charge you the lowest price available at the time when it’s available to order.

Only one problem, Amazon have wiped out the high street and competition is considerably less online too. It won’t be long before Amazon will be the only option and will be able to charge whatever it likes.

Amazon goes for global domination

Amazon still doesn’t have a smartphone yet but it is going for global domination with its app store and tablets.

Amazon announced that it will sell the two higher-end versions of the device, the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, in 170 countries and their app store will now be available in 200 countries.

Up to now, the Android-based Appstore, which works on their Kindle tablets and other Android devices, has only been live in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and Japan, with Brazil next in line. It makes sense that Amazon will have opened it up at the same time as it’s ramping up its Fire tablet distribution.

This is really a massive strike as Amazon will have the entertainment, online store, apps, tablets all on offer in 200 countries, ready for when they launch their first smartphone.

Apple, Samsung, HTC and others better watch out!

Amazon secures new market in China ahead of Google

Amazon has become the first Western technology firm to offer paid-for Android apps in China – beating Google. Google’s Chinese store only offers free apps.

Amazon’s move paves the way for it to launch its Kindle e-reader devices in the country. As well as curating existing apps, Amazon said it will work with local developers to create programs specifically for local users.

Compared to its dominant position in other countries such as the US and UK, Amazon controlled less than 3% of China’s massive 169bn yuan (£17.6bn) business-to-consumer e-commerce market in the fourth quarter last year. This move by Amazon was a cracking decision and might prove troublesome for Google in later years.

Amazon facing threat of staff striking in Germany

Reuters is reporting that Amazon could be facing its first strike in Germany by warehouse workers seeking better pay and benefits.

Amazon employs around 9,000 people across Germany and has come under fire from trade union Verdi for refusing to implement a collective agreement on employment conditions, in keeping with the country’s other mail order and retail firms.

The union is also pressing for higher basic pay and bigger supplements for night shifts.

Amazon workers in the eastern city of Leipzig voted in favor of strike action earlier this month and staff at Bad Hersfeld, a town in central Germany where 3,700 are employed, joined them on Monday.

I wonder if the strike will actually occur and or whether Amazon does concede to the unions demands.

Amazon’s TV Box

Amazon is getting ready to make a huge push into our living rooms. The latest rumours are that Amazon is planning to release a set-top box that will plug into TVs and give users access to Amazon’s expanding video offerings including its a la carte Video on Demand store, which features newer films and TV shows, and its Instant Video service, which is free for subscribers to the Amazon Prime two-day shipping package. In addition to promoting its own services, Amazon will branch up and offer other services from Netflix and Hulu.

This sounds similar to Apple’s TV box. And once this product becomes a reality, this will be another strong piece of Amazon’s armoury in creating an equal Eco system, similar to that of Apple.

The competition better watch out. Amazon is coming!

The Amazon Threat

I have strongly believed that the biggest threat to the mobile space won’t be Apple vs Google or vs Samsung but Amazon vs The Rest. Why?

Well it already has one of the best media libraries and credit card details for millions of customers. It already has the logistics and customer service setup to deal with mass selling of hardware. And Amazon has already sold some top budget android based tablets.

It just announced that its own Appstore on Android, will include expansion to “nearly 200 countries,” after rolling out in Europe and Japan, but wisely it’s asking for developers to get on board first. It already has Game Circle, similar to Apple’s Game Center.

So all that is left is for Amazon to launch a killer phone at a really low cost. The only issues might be the ability to manufacture so many devices versus available resources which probably have been taken up by Samsung and Apple.

One thing that is certain, is that Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony, HTC and Apple aren’t just going to let Amazon walk all over them. Also shareholders might get twitchy with Amazon still not making a profit! The other certainty is we the consumers are going to have a tough time choosing from some top notch devices.

Amazon buys Evi Voice Guided Search

Amazon is clearly looking to define its Kindle Fire’s software experience as far as it can go, and one area left is voice search.

Amazon had a few choices. Build something from the ground up or buy an established company. It looks like it has bought Evi, the voice guided search. While neither side has publicly commented on the deal, all of Evi’s directors and its company secretary have been replaced by staffers linked to Amazon UK.

One thing is for sure, whatever Amazon’s plans for voice search, we will surely see some evidence when it launches it next incarnation of Kindle devices.