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So what did Tim Cook reveal at All Things Digital

A few hours ago, Tim Cook was a guest speak at All Things Digital. So what did Tim reveal?

1) Tim Cook said there are plans to allow deeper access to iOS, but such changes will only be allowed if they don’t impact the customer’s experience.

2) Apple will open up more APIs in the future, but not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.

3) He re-iterated that Apple continues to be a market leader, sold 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads last quarter, and has seen drops in stock prices before.

4) There is a Grand Vision for Apple TV. Sold 13m Apple TV since release. 6m alone were in 2012.

5) Asked about the iWatch, Tim said what. And no. He didn’t like Google Glass but wearable tech is being looked at. He didn’t think Google Glass was for the masses.

6) Apple products are used more than android products.

7) Last year Apple acquired a company every 60-75 days.Not looking to acquire a social network.When

8) When asked about Samsung, he said he still doesn’t like the copying company and won’t negotiate with them. But the may shift back manufacturing to them.