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Shot on an iPhone – 57.8 second long exposure photo

Views of Paignton Beach #iphone6splus #NightcapPro #LongExposureMode #60seconds

Well yesterday was a 45 second exposure shot, so today is nearly a minute. Actually, this was meant to be a 15 second exposure, but then a person walking their dog appeared into the shot, so I kept the shutter rolling for longer, and voila the final version did not have them in the shot. If you look very closely you will see a slight ghosting. The above shot was with a tripod again, and using a Shoulderpod S1 smartphone all in one mount. The app used was Nightcap Pro for this shot and the one below in long exposure mode.

Now just as a second bonus, I noticed their was this odd piece of wood lying on the beach. So using a Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Tripod along with a smartphone mount, I took the long exposure shot below. The Joby tripod is about a foot tall and is built like a tank. Highly flexible and sturdy, and wraps around posts, poles and branches really well. So roughly my iPhone was about 1 foot high from the beach sand. The shot below was a long exposure of 20.31 seconds.

Views of Paignton Beach #iphone6splus #NightcapPro #LongExposureMode

If you want to see how clever Nightcap Pro app is, the developer has a wonderful gallery showing shots taken in daylight, night and a section of astronomy photos. Click HERE to view the gallery.

Weather permitting I will be attempting some astronomy photos which will involve a minimum exposure time of 15 minutes.