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Have your bank details been stolen? – details

Criminals are selling the stolen credit and debit card details of 100,000 Britons on the internet in new market said to be “the largest and most brazen of its kind”.

For as little as £1.67 banking details stolen from more than a million people worldwide can be bought from the website on the open internet, rather than on the “dark web”, where much online criminality takes place, it is being claimed.

The above is story from the Telegraph following a Times investigation. It really is a sad state of affairs that data/cyber theft of this magnitude is being sold for such small amounts, yet the hardship it can cause to the victim is much larger.

I reckon the problem is significantly worse. Just think of all the companies that have been in the news following a cyber attack. Now add to that the total of companies who haven’t reported a cyber attack or are unaware they have been hacked.

Scary thought.

Source- The Telegraph