Honor 20 Pro Review vs Huawei P30 Pro & Honor 20

Welcome to my HONOR 20 PRO review costing around £549. The HONOR 20 PRO is available in either Phantom Blue, or Phantom Black.

The HONOR 20 PRO has attained a high DxOmark score of 111 points for its photo camera capabilities. The camera features HONOR’s first ever AI Quad Camera, with Dual OIS and the industry-largest f/1.4 wide aperture, HONOR 20 PRO also comes with Ultra-High ISO Sensitivity, which provides a better low-light photography experience.

The HONOR 20 PRO introduces the world’s first Dynamic Holographic glass back, which is crafted through an industry-first Triple 3D Mesh technology. As light passes through the glass back, light is reflected and refracted in all directions resulting in a stunning and depth-inducing optical effect that sets the HONOR 20 PRO apart from its predecessors.

The HONOR 20 PRO is driven by the 7nm Kirin 980 AI chipset and industry-leading GPU Turbo 3.0, a feature that enhances the device’s gaming capabilities even further. HONOR 20 PRO also features a 4,000 mAh battery that can support a full-day uninterrupted use and 256GB storage, providing the headroom for extreme demands. To complete the entire experience, it comes with a Virtual 9.1 Surround Sound system, allowing for a more conducive audio environment.

Video Review


The Honor 20 Pro features a really capable camera in a svelte frame. Recommended!

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1 thought on “Honor 20 Pro Review vs Huawei P30 Pro & Honor 20

  1. Hi, I know that you can be busy right now but i have one question! One game called fortnite has one exclusive skin that can only be unlocked by buying the Honor view 20 and getting one code, and i wanna know if you can give me the code? The code is in the app gallery in gifts.


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