Huawei Mate 30 series – launch date is confirmed

September is going to be a busy month for phone launches. But the biggest launch is likely to land on the 19th September from Huawei for a number of reasons.

The new Mate 30 series is likely to run the brand new Kirin 990 chipset which will be an absolute powerhouse. Secondly, the Mate 30 Pro is rumoured to have some huge camera sensors on the rear. That plural for a reason. I would expect to see big increases in video and photo quality this year.

The unknown question will be if the phone will have Google apps. Regardless, there are always workarounds including using the good old fashioned web browser, and creating a browser shortcut icon for your home screen.

Expect more news on the new Kirin 990, Mate 30 series and all the other phones being launched at IFA Berlin.


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