Is the iPhone X still worth buying in 2019? Is the camera miles behind the competition ?

Apple introduced the iPhone X nearly 2 years ago. It was a new design, with new technology. It featured an array of front cameras for FaceID which replaced TouchID. It also featured courage, as the 3.5mm headphone jack was removed.

As some of you may know, my preferred platform of choice for a smartphone is android, however, I am fairly platform agnostic. I will always recommend iOS for someone if it’s the correct choice. I do use an iPad to keep my toes in the iOS camp and whenever a new iPhone is released I always test one.

However, it had been a while since I had used an iPhone in earnest, and one of my family gave me their iPhone X. So I thought let’s install iOS 13 Public Beta and see what’s new. Let’s see if the iPhone X is still worth buying in 2019.

Throughout my post you will see photos all taken on the iPhone X. All looking really good and arguably better than most phones of today. Whilst the default camera app is not the best for shots at night, as the iPhone uses iOS, there are heaps of apps that do take crazy good shots at night. For example, want to shoot the stars, star trails, car trails etc then you can use apps like Nightcap, Slow Shutter or if you need more control there are tons of pro camera apps. Adobe Lightroom has its own camera app, which really helped at night, as did Procamera HDR.

So my caveat here, is that phones like the Huawei P30 Pro and Pixel 3 have dedicated night modes in their default camera apps, and really do a much better job than the iPhone X. But using a third party app minimises that gap, but Apple really need to sort this out. It’s not as if their processors can’t manage this, as they can, and probably with ease.

But we are forgetting the iPhone’s strength in video. Excellent 4K 60fps, or even shoot at 24fps and without time limits. It’s burst mode allows up to 999 shots in a single burst. That’s way ahead of most other android phones which typically allow 100 shots in a burst. Also the iPhone shutter speed is legendary fast as you can see from the bee shots below. The camera is also very reliable. Press the shutter and you will get a usable shot. Then you have Live Photos bringing the gallery to back to life and also ensuring you didn’t miss a special moment with your pet or kid.

So in 2019, the camera is defiantly and definitely very relevant. So what about the rest of the phone.

The processor. It’s still in 2019 an extremely powerful, fast and efficient chip. The iPhone X is as fluid as it was from day 1. FaceID is a fast and reliable and one of the best security options. It is also extremely well integrated into the phone, it’s apps and third party apps. And talking of apps, iOS has the best range, and the best quality apps out there. So using the iPhone X is a joy still and in particular iOS 13 beta adds extra functionality that was badly needed to lift iOS into the modern century.

Ironically, whilst I have used iMessage more to send photos to other iPhone users, I haven’t used FaceTime. That’s because I’ve gotten used to WhatsApp and other messaging services now.

So in summary, I would say the iPhone X is definitely worth buying in 2019. It will also cost a lot less than buying a newer model, yet still provide you with a decent experience.

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2 thoughts on “Is the iPhone X still worth buying in 2019? Is the camera miles behind the competition ?

  1. Agreed Gavin… I ‘try’ to give most smartphone cameras a run for their money and whilst Android has a plethora of phones available I always end up back to my iPhone.
    I’m currently using the XS Max and will update to the newer model come September.
    Reason being; iOS Software is solid, steady and with iOS 13 and iPadOS just around the corner it is going to get so very much better and exciting.
    Everything you do is integrated between all devices including MacOS.
    The hardware is sound and reliable.
    You don’t have to worry about upgrading to a newer phone as Apple continue to support their phones for many years.
    The Apps are deeply professional and come in abundance.
    However, there is one feature I do love and you hit the nail on the head (which caused me to reply) and that is the camera hardware and how it is programmed to perform. It is magically accurate and fast. Try capturing jumping energetic grandchildren. Shoot burst mode until your finger hurts.
    Photography is my greatest hobby and although I have a great number of expensive cameras and lens, but to be honest I will often only pick up my Fuji X100T and iPhone XS Max

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