Canon new updated Powershot G7 X III & G5 X II – all you need to know.

Canon has just announced updates to two of its compact PowerShot G-series cameras, the G7 X Mark III and the G5 X Mark II. These two new cameras share a lot of their magic both technically and cosmetically. However, they are both very different to their predecessors.

The new sensors on both the G5 X Mark II and G7 X Mark III feature a new stacked design with a 1 inch 20MP resolution sensor. The sensor has a DRAM chip attached to the back of the sensor now. This enables extremely fast readout speeds that the updated Digic 8 processor then reads etc.

Both the G5 X II and G7 X III can shoot Raw + JPEG at 8 fps and 8.3 fps with autofocus, respectively, and up to 20 fps with fixed focus and exposure. That’s using the mechanical shutter. Turn on the fully electronic shutter and you can achieve 30fps bursts, focus and exposure locked, even whilst shooting in raw.

The part you’ve all been waiting for is here. 4K video capture. Maximum of 4K 30fps. 1080p at 120fps and all without any crop. The G7 X does have a microphone input and the ability to stream directly live to YouTube. The lower model doesn’t have either of these options.

When it comes to battery life, you’ll get around 230 shots, or you can plug in a USB power bank charger to keep you shooting constantly.

The cameras now feature a pop up EVF. The G5 X now adds zoom from 24-120mm. There so much more to these new cameras too.

Vloggers are absolutely going to love these. Apart from the pricing which is a stark increase of the previous models.



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