Domino’s to start delivering pizzas using self driving robotic trucks – details

Who doesn’t like a Domino’s pizza? Domino’s are known for using tech in their ordering services with a quick and easy app. Now Domino’s are looking to take it to an all new level.

Domino’s will be putting some of its delivery drivers out of a job this year by rolling out a new wave of robot delivery vehicles in Houston, Texas.

The robot vehicles, made by the well-funded autonomous driving startup, Nuro, are entirely self-driving and can cart their cargo — in this case Domino’s pizza — via in-unit storage.

Once the robot arrives at its destination, customers must meet the vehicle and use a special pin provided to them upon ordering to unlock the hatch and collect their delivery.

Domino’s intend to start the trial in Houston, USA.

Like all clever ideas, has anyone thought what happens when there are not enough jobs for society due to advances in tech!



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