A first look at Amazon’s new delivery drone – my first impressions

It is no secret that Amazon would like to automate every aspect of its service.

Now Techcrunch reports on the new delivery drone from Amazon. Whilst the tech is pretty impressive, what happens to the loss of jobs when robots replace humans?

How will society function. Food for thought!

Source – Techcrunch


2 thoughts on “A first look at Amazon’s new delivery drone – my first impressions

  1. I really do wonder about the sanity of modern life, where technology is slotted in for the sake of it. Drones are limited by the battery that powers them and therefore a decent payload is going to reduce considerably the battery power and therefore its capability to fly very far. Methinks this is just another marketing scheme to make people notice Amazon rather than a serious application to deliver new fridges etc. FIle under bullshit.


    1. These size drones obviously have limitations. For fridges that will end up being delivered by autonomous trucks. At some point, a person will need to carry the fridge inside a person’s home, unless a robot does this. These delivery drones are the real deal though for light packages. It’s great it can be done, but not so great for the human loss of jobs. And technology and AI will only advance.


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