iPhone Xs Max First Impressions + Camera

Welcome to my first impressions of the iPhone Xs Max.

Before I get to my first impressions, I came across a little gem of a case that got delivered yesterday by DPD. It’s a silicone style case that’s a copy of Apple’s own silicone case except it has protection on the bottom edge, whereas Apple’s own design is exposed. It also costs £40 less. MoKu Case

The new iPhone Xs Max in theory is just a minor update to last years X. In fact with Apple supporting iPhones up to 5 years old currently, there’s no excuse to upgrade unless you’re on a iPhone 6.

However, the new A12 Bionic processor, iOS 12, larger full screen with gestures, enhanced stereo speakers, stereo video recording and more, the iPhone Xs Max could be something special which I’ll cover off in my full review.

I’ll say this now. The camera kicks ar*e. And is substantially better than last years X in every mode.


4 thoughts on “iPhone Xs Max First Impressions + Camera

  1. Hi Gavin,

    What are your thoughts on the colour shift that’s being reported and the warmer ‘yellower’ screens.

    Does yours suffer from this and is it an issue in your expert opinion?



      1. Thanks for your reply Gavin.

        Does your handset not shift to a blue colour at an angle or is it just a trait of OLED and is to be expected/accepted.



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