Can you help Gavin’s Gadgets ? Once a year request

It’s the time of year when the domain and other costs all come up for renewal. So this is my once a year request for donations of any size.

During the last 12 months there has been nearly 1,200 comments and or questions that have all been answered. I’ve lost count on the number of reviews published but it’s about 250 this year. Did you know I started Gavin’s Gadgets in December 2012, which makes this year the 5th Anniversary.

I have a PayPal address – which seems to be the most favoured option.

Another option is simply shop on Amazon UK, heading over via and Amazon provide a few pennies per transaction whilst not costing anything extra.

So thanks in advance. All your help is greatly appreciated.

And I hope you continue to enjoy the reviews that our coming this weekend.

Take care, Gavin.


2 thoughts on “Can you help Gavin’s Gadgets ? Once a year request

  1. I would like to pay some coffee for you – now and then.
    But i don’t use paypal or buy from Amazon Uk.
    I buy Amazon Germany or France.

    You could make app to Google play store: “Coffee for Gavin”.
    In app possibility to give what I want.
    And I would buy it.

    I’am happy you continue your Gadgets after difficulties.


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