YouTube has a BIG problem with de monetisations of videos – My Story so far

Apart from my website, I have videos being shown over on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you haven’t already. My videos are harmless, well within YouTube guideline for acceptable content, have no swearing or nudity. I also only use the royalty free music provided with the video editing apps I use – iMovie and Luma Fusion. To be even safer, I have created my own audio tracks using GarageBand now.

In addition, all video content is my own. So in practice and theory all my content meets YouTube’s guidelines. So it was a totally shock when I realised 2 of 3 new videos uploaded and scheduled to go live this weekend on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium were de monetised by YouTube, as content was flagged as unsuitable for all advertisers. WTF.

So I had a mini rant on twitter and YouTube replied.

There was no reason for any of the 2 videos to be struck off like this. None whatsoever. The appeals process to get a manual intervention involves waiting until your video gets 1,000+ views and then YouTube wants 7 days to check it. The most valuable time of a video is the first few days and for me getting 1,000 plus views is a challenge sometimes. So in other words, YouTube doesn’t care at all or even have a fair process of appeal.

I can now see what other YouTubers were moaning about when they had the same problem. YouTube has a BIG problem and they need to fix it ASAP.

My only solution was to delete the 2 videos off YouTube and re-edit them, which sadly involved me removing the AR Camera footage I had created as I could not think of any reason why my videos were against the YouTube guidelines.

Anyway here is the footage I removed shared to Instagram – Warning its scary and frightening and I have even created a scary title 😉


2 thoughts on “YouTube has a BIG problem with de monetisations of videos – My Story so far

    1. That is definitely an option and a good idea. When I started this website I had no ads for 2 years. I don’t like invasive ads hence why I try and keep them at a minimum. You’re right I might need to ask for donations. Probably earn more than the tiny ad income. Thanks for your feedback. Appreciated.


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