It’s Official – Apple Store is back online – New Red iPhone, iPad Watch Straps & ALL Changes – Updated

After about 5-6 hours offline, the Apple Store is now back online revealing the new iPhone. 

This is the product Red iPhone. 

Same iPhone just a different colour. Personally, it is a shame the front wasn’t red as well. Of course, once you fit a case, the colour is irrelevant;)

Also Apple has released a cheaper iPad and new watch straps and for the first time you can buy the Nike Watch Straps too. The Apple Watch is no longer offered bundled with leather, nylon or link straps.

The new iPad essentially replaced the iPad 2. It is also thicker than the iPad 2 and now is the same dimensions as the iPad Air.

There are new iPhone cases to match the new straps too.

The iPhone SE now comes in 32gb and 128gb storage. The iPad mini is now available with 128gb, with 32gb model discontinued.

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