That Xmas Party – And the nightmare that followed

Last night it was my work Xmas party.

It was not a heavy drinking party, mainly as I live miles away from the office (228 miles round trip) , so I was not drinking any alcohol.

The pre drinks and meal were super good and enjoyable. The journey home was not so good.

The M5 motorway. Hmmm. Some cars decided to crash into each other, causing an additional 2.5 hours delay. Then the M5 had roadworks in several places, one moving 3 lanes into 2, and further along 3 lanes into 1. Despite the time of night/early morning the chaos this caused was extreme.

After reaching the end of the M5 motorway. further road chaos occurred due to another accident which closed the A30.

Add up all the roadworks, accidents, road closures and then all the roadworks on the local roads, what should have been a 2.5 hour car journey was nearly double that.

Consequently, I have a migraine from hell, and its not from any alcohol. Tech news will be delayed today.

And one last thing, if you are in Bristol, and fancy a curry, the Urban Tandoor is exceptionally good. A high quality Indian restaurant. The Party Menu 1 is highly recommended.


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