Pro photo tips for using Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has created a page of tips by pro photographers on how they get the best shots using the portrait camera mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. (link at end of post)

“JerSean Golatt says using Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus is “important for storytelling as a whole” and “adds value for those with lower than commercial budgets and brings speed to share their stories like never before.” Golatt recommends, “get up close to your subject to bring out the details.”

“Jeremy Cowart is known for taking incredible portraits of celebrities. This portrait of his son is a favorite image he’s shot using iPhone 7 Plus saying, “I’m kind of freaking out. Portrait mode is unbelievable.” He recommends minimizing the background and “cut out the distractions from your subject,” and “try to find the shade and put the sun behind your subject as a nice back light.” He also finds “pulling the exposure down just a hair really makes my images look more cinematic.”

“Benj Haisch said Portrait mode “is absolutely changing the way I look at mobile photography. Having a wide angle 28 mm equivalent paired with the 56 mm equivalent and Portrait mode has been game-changer in achieving professional results without bringing any additional equipment.” He says, “having soft, diffused lighting will help with keeping the photo flattering to your subject. Find a space that isn’t too busy or distracting, as Portrait mode will create a photo that really pops.”

Roses #iPhone7Plus #PortraitMode

The above shot is taken by myself and ring homes what I have discovered when using this mode on my iPhone 7 Plus. Lighting is really important as is a having a definite solid area to focus on and a plain background. With the roses, I dropped the exposure down and added a vignette to darken the edges even more to bring the roses more into focus.

I do recommend having a look at the photos from the pro photographers linked in Apple’s article. Link below.

Source – Apple Pro Tips + Sample Photos from the Pros


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