Apple goes on record to apologise for the calendar spam – here’s how to stop the spam!

Apple has officially acknowledged and apologised for the calendar spam that is affecting iCloud calendars. This problem has affected my wife and many of my friends.

Apple has stated “We are sorry that some of our users are receiving spam calendar invitations. We are actively working to address this issue by identifying and blocking suspicious senders and spam in the invites being sent.” This came via Rene Ritchie of Tweet below.

If you receive a calendar spam entry, there are two methods needed to remove the problem. First if you decline, accept, or choose maybe on an incoming iCloud invite this lets the hackers know that your iCloud email address is valid.

Firstly, log in to iCloud via a web browser. This means going to Select the Calendar. the calendar settings. This is the cog bottom left. Go to Preferences, then choose Advanced. Choose to receive all event invitations as email. Emails can be more easily ignored and deleted.

Second, on your iPhone or iPad. Open the calendar app. Tap calendars. Now you can create a new Calendar, name it “Spam”. Tap on the offending spam calendar invite and move it to the “Spam” calendar. Once you have moved all the offending entries, you then delete the Spam Calendar entirely. This method does not tip off the spammers and removes the problem until Apple fixes it.


3 thoughts on “Apple goes on record to apologise for the calendar spam – here’s how to stop the spam!

  1. Been plagued with this. There really needs to be a fix. This is a cludge that’s been created by the community. Needs addressing by Apple really and I think it will.

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  2. It is a thundering nuisance. I rang Apple support about a week ago and they had no idea how to fix it. Told me to delete Gmail. It is worrying the ease that Chinese spammers have in hijacking the events in the calendar. The problem in the last week has gained significant momentum. The various community fixes are useful but too cumbersome for an inexperienced user to easily implement. Great article Gavin and I hope Apple steps in quickly to resolve this.


    1. If you do the 2 fixes above, it will remove the spam invites, and stop further entries. But agree most people would struggle to understand the process. In reality this could happen to any email client. But it sure is a PITA. I hope Apple work out how to stop this happening in future. Maybe an option only to accept invites from existing contacts.


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