My Favourite Recent Photos from the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Below are the most recent and favourite photos snapped with my Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Fury & Tiggy whizz pass granite stone on Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Shooting in to the sun with Fury and Tiggy running isn’t the easiest shot to take, but the iPhone did a good job.

Anything for treats - George & Tiggy #dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Here George and Tiggy are keen to get some dog treats.

Duchy Hotel , Princetown #iPhone7Plus

The Duchy Hotel was host to a Royal Wedding in the 1950’s. Now its part of the High Moorland Visitor Centre in Princetown. This is only half of the building.

Hounds & Hunters #Postbridge #dartmoor

This is a crop of a live photo, snapped through my car windscreen.

Traffic Chaos #Postbridge #dartmoor

Postbridge, Dartmoor. This is the main road through the village. As you can see, not many cars pass along this route.

60 seconds before lights out #dartmoor

I really like the above sunset shot taken on Dartmoor. The sky was as black as anything, ready to deliver a huge storm.

As you can see some lovely photos from the Apple iPhone 7.


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