Sony MDR-1000x Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Headphones – The Flagship Bluetooth Headphone from Sony


Sony have just released the Sony MDR-1000x Bluetooth headphone. These are their new flagship headphone costing £329.00.

Sony state that these headphones feature exceptional noise cancelling with reduced ambient noise for perfect silence, comfortable around ear fitting with 20 hour battery life, with Smart technologies – Ambient sound mode, Touch Sensor operation, Quick Attention mode and the first ever DSEE HX headphones upscaling your existing music to near High-Resolution Audio quality.

The Sony MDR-1000x have the official Hi-Res badge, with a frequency response of 4Hz to 40,000hz. Sony also boast a number of other technologies used in the headphone. The other aspect is at £329 do these headphones sound any good?

Well at present I am still burning in these delightful bluetooth headphones but first impressions are positive. In case anyone is wondering, the sound quality of these headphones is significantly better than my Beats Wireless Solo 3.

I will be putting the sound quality through its paces using different genres, testing the strength of the bluetooth connection along with the distance, call quality and ease of use of the touch controls. And the big question, is the noise cancellation better than the Bose QC35? How do these compare to the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0 and other top flight bluetooth headphones. Another question, are these headphones good enough to replace the headphone cable?

I will test these with my iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy and as many other devices as well. If you have any questions, please ask away in the questions.

More information and the latest pricing on the Sony MDR-1000x


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