RAW vs JPG – Which version do you prefer and why from the iPhone 7 Plus?

Two shots of my dinner last night. 

One is shot in RAW using Adobe Lightroom and the other with the default Apple camera app. For fairness I have cropped both to 16:9. 

Shot 1 –

Or do you prefer shot 2?

Whichever you prefer please say why too! 

Once I have a few replies I will reveal which one started as a RAW photo. 
Update. Shot 1 was shot using raw. Shot 2 comes from the iPhone default camera app. Personally I prefer shot 1. But shot 2 is slightly more realistic to the original scene. 


6 thoughts on “RAW vs JPG – Which version do you prefer and why from the iPhone 7 Plus?

  1. Definitely shot 1. More contrast, shot 2 looks washed out.

    I will however point out that a raw shot is only as good as the post processing done to it. They usually look rubbish if you do it wrong.

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  2. The second one is the RAW image. You can make it look exactly like the first image using lightroom, but you cannot make image one look like the second image. It is all about post processing with a RAW image.


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