Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – First Shots from the Camera – Stunning Photos!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features the same hardware as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge so this should mean there is no change in the camera quality.

But like everything in life, surprises occur unexpectedly. From my early shots it seems Samsung has been tweaking the software as a minimum as the end results appear marginally better than those taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7.

Anyway a selection of photos from my Note 7, all unedited too. Don’t forget, click on each shot to view the full size. You may have to select original file size from the options as well.

Church of St Michael #Princetown taken with the Samsung Note 7 #SamsungNote7

Zooming in shows the level of detail picked up by the Note 7 on the church.

Sniffing out the stones #SamsungNote7

When one of your dogs photobombs a close up shot of stones 🙂 Tiggy’s snout gets the limelight but what a shot again. The stones were smaller than shown as well.

Nuns Cross, Dartmoor #SamsungNote7

Nuns Cross on Dartmoor. Rather overcast at the time but great detail, colours and contrast.

South Hessary Tor with the Hounds of Dartmoor #SamsungNote7

View of South Hessary Tor, Dartmoor and my 3 labradors.

Incredible views across Dartmoor towards Sheepstor #SamsungNote7

Lovely landscape shot. All in auto mode.

Egg toast

Egg on toast. Another good photo from the Note 7 but not to be unexpected either.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – First Shots from the Camera – Stunning Photos!

  1. Hi, when you say the S7 Note camera is marginally better than the S7 edge, are you referring to the JPG image processing algorithm? From the full res sample images you have posted, JPG out of phone still have the much famed sharpening halos inherent from the S7.

    Have you had a chance to compare with the S6? The higher resolution (16MP) JPGs seems to have a less processed look compared to the S7.


  2. Your S7 have the Isocell sensor, your Note 7 the Sony one. My first S7 Edge had the Isocell and my actual the Sony one, it’s a bit more crisp i think


    1. Whilst there is always a possibility of sensor differences, I never bought into it. So many other factors at play. I do believe in the fact Samsung have had the ability to improve the camera software.


  3. I agree the Note7 looks a bit better. I enjoyed looking through your photostream of Dartmoor and Foggintor Quarry. Would love to visit there! Beautiful fog and greenery. Thanks for taking pics.


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