It’s Party Time on Dartmoor – Hello Fibre

Living in a rural location has many advantages that far outweigh the disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is internet speeds and TV. 

To give you some idea, about 9 years ago it was only possible to receive 4 TV Channels. That’s right only 4. Channel 5 wasn’t possible. There was no freeview either. A year later freeview arrived and offered 32 channels. An update occurred a month later that reduced that to 19 removing ITV3 & ITV4 and other popular channels. 

So consequently streaming services were needed to provide a better range of TV entertainment.  To my frustration the only broadband provider is BT. There are a few places in the UK where BT is the only allowed and the only possible connection service. Princetown, Dartmoor is one of those places. 

So how come fibre broadband has arrived suddenly. Well a small company had worked out another way to deliver fibre broadband to the village and was due to start installing the necessary equipment in a few months time. So BT responded out of the blue, and rushed around the village upgrading the necessary equipment. So from the 1st August 2016, Infinity 1 goes live and I’ll connected on the same day. 

So what’s the difference in speed likely to be. Currently I get on average 6mB down and just 0.3mB upload. From the 1st August that changes to 40-50 mB download and 7-9mB upload. 


6 thoughts on “It’s Party Time on Dartmoor – Hello Fibre

  1. Is the small provider still going ahead with their plans. I’d nearly feel like subscribing to them just to give the two fingers to BT for dragging their heels.

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  2. Who was the small provider? I’d like to contact them as I live in the not so wild Cumbrian lakes but again reliant on BT who have no plans to provide superfast broadband ever to my area.

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      1. Thanks Gavin I enjoy your site and your contributions to various podcasts. I’ll try and contact Airband. Cheers.

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