The BBC’s iPlayer Radio app is going global

“The BBC’s iPlayer Radio app is going global.

The BBC’s numerous radio stations have listeners the world over, not just in the UK. In fact, the English-language World Service station alone boasts a global audience of 66 million. Tapping into these broadcasts outside of the UK is as simple as pointing your browser towards the right website, but from today, the BBC has begun rolling out its iPlayer Radio app internationally, making streaming on mobile devices that much easier. ”

Good news for all the BBC global fans so long as advertising doesn’t appear.

More at Engadget 


1 thought on “The BBC’s iPlayer Radio app is going global

  1. Exciting news. Everything in one app. Followed the links.

    The BBC iPlayer Radio app is available today in Ireland for iOS, Android and Amazon devices and it will gradually roll out to other parts of the world.

    Global means Ireland only for now :/


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