Lynx escapes from Dartmoor Zoo

At 10am this morning, 7th July 2016, Keepers at Dartmoor Zoo found that newly arrived Flaviu the Lynx had escaped from his new home at Dartmoor Zoo.

2 year old Flaviu arrived at Dartmoor Zoo last night, 6th July from Port Lympne and was settled into his new house at 7.30pm. 

The house into which he was released has successfully held Lynx for 8 years, however he managed to escape by chewing through a board in the wall of the house. 

As many of you are local readers, please be aware that the local zoo on Dartmoor, Dartmoor Zoo had a wild lynx escape. Police have used helicopters and a search is still on going. If you see it don’t approach it. Call 999. 

“We Bought a Zoo” starring Matt Damon is the true story of Dartmoor Zoo. 

More at Dartmoor Zoo 


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