OnePlus stoops to a new low – Updated 

Just when you think OnePlus has grown up and stopped carrying out cheap and controversial marketing stunts, they stoop to a new low. 

Legendary YouTuber @Supersaf was dismayed when he realised that OnePlus had stolen his work. Even worse OnePlus did this without his permission and worse still didn’t even credit his work . OnePlus took Supersaf’s video and converted it into a GIF and used it for their advertising and marketing but without asking or even crediting Supersaf. 

In my opinion this is disgraceful, disrespectful and dishonest behaviour from OnePlus. 

Below is tweet from @Supersaf

And this is the tweet from OnePlus –

Updated – OnePlus clearly feeling the heat did the honourable thing and tweeted an apology a short while ago. But they only did this to save their public image and still haven’t reached out to Supersaf himself. 


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