Apple might buy Tidal Music Streaming Service – Viewpoint

“The talks are ongoing and may not result in a deal,” reports the Wall Street Journal, which says Apple is considering buying the company as a way to bolster its strategy to spend tons of cash on artist exclusives.

Despite scoring exclusives from everyone from Rhianna to Madonna, Tidal has struggled to keep up with the pace of paying subscribers Apple Music and Spotify are adding. Apple Music boasts more than 15 million paying listeners. Spotify has 30 million. But Tidal only has 4.2 million.”

Currently I am subscribing to Tidal at £19.99 a month to listen to Hi Resolution music. I am not subscribing because of any music exclusives, I am subscribing so that I can listen to hi resolution music. Does this deal makes sense for Apple. Yes it does to remove the competition and gain access to any deals Jay Z can muster together. But I hope if Apple does purchase Tidal, that we don’t lose the Hi Resolution music, but instead Apple raises the game with hi resolution music streaming!”

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2 thoughts on “Apple might buy Tidal Music Streaming Service – Viewpoint

  1. The fact that Apple has not pushed high res audio is surprising given its historic focus on music playback.


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