Here comes visual confirmation of the oft-rumored iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7

“After months of conflicting reports unsubstantiated by concrete proof, dubious so-called leaks, and wild rumors hinting at everything but the kitchen sink included on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, here comes visual confirmation of the iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7.”

It will be interesting to see how reliable this method of unlocking the phone will be and also how reliable it will be if you sometimes have to wear glasses. 

The Note 7 is stacking up to be similar to the S7 Edge but with more storage, ram, a stylus, iris scanner and the new skin from Samsung.  Will it be worth changing your S7 or S7 Edge for the Note 7. Absolutely not. But when has logic ever played a part in rationale decisions.

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2 thoughts on “Here comes visual confirmation of the oft-rumored iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7

  1. Some great post this morning Gavin!

    I’m not totally sold on this Iris scanner IF it’s being used as a means to unlock the phone. I remember the face unlock stuff and positioning the phone to your face was more hassle than it’s worth. Fingerprint scanning has the right amount of trade-off.
    However, if it’s used for things you’d do less frequently (authentication for business use or something), then I think it might just be useful.
    Not convinced it’s a solution that has a concrete use-case right now.

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  2. I wonder how this will work for people who wear glasses OR contacts full time. Varifocal lenses would probably make it impossible. There are also some medical conditions that could prevent this working, or remaining accurate if it did.

    So how does it work?

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