Why are we crazy about smartphone cameras?

Take a look at the tweet below from Steve Litchfield.

Was this snapped on a Lumia 950, a Samsung Galaxy S7, an iPhone SE, LG G5 or HTC 10 or something just as good. NO. It was taken on a cheap and nasty smartphone that has no emphasis on the camera. It also comes with a processor so weedy its too embarrassing to mention it. The Marshall London is all about the world’s loudest smartphone speakers and the headphone audio.

But take a look at the photo. Once shared on social media where most shots end up, should we really be obsessing over the photo quality?

Food for thought.

11 thoughts on “Why are we crazy about smartphone cameras?

  1. Well I think families with young children will want to keep their photos for prosperity which is why my wife likes her G4. We can share over Chromcast when we have visitors. They look great.

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    1. Agree – that’s what smartphone cameras are all about for me – having something I can use for an unexpected family memory – pretty much anything out there will be good enough for social media I guess (in ideal lighting at least).

      The current crop seem generally good enough for my needs (picked up a 2nd hand bargain HTC10 yesterday which seems perfect for me) but still doesn’t stop me wanting phone cameras to get even better 🙂

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    2. This times a thousand.
      We have 3 children and it’s fantastic to have a visual (and video!) record of them growing up. When I’m taking a pic or video, I want to know that i’m using the best quality available to me. I don’t want it to be blurry or dark.

      It’s strange, but a 200 quid phone probably fits my needs in all ways EXCEPT the camera, so I end up spending 500 quid instead! Argh!

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  2. The best camera is always the one that you have with you. Most of us only ever share on social media or look back on our phones or computers and never really zoom in so we do not need to be obsessed, but we live in a world that pushes us to desire better, when actually what we have is ok. There are times and places for the superior quality, and for those that need it will invest in it.

    I think the problem comes as cameras do get better and images others share are better quality we all want that and are encouraged to upgrade.


  3. Gavin – really liking the 10 – has surprised me. Its about the perfect size for everyday use for me and while I love the larger phones like the 6P, this is far more practical. Phone is nice and close to stock software-wise and is plenty quick enough in operation.

    The icing on the cake is the Audio quality (via headphones) compared to other phones I’ve had – really does sound great to my ears even with my modest Soundmagic in-ears 🙂

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      1. Yea – I have set up profiles for the included ones (which I don’t like that much) and the Soundmagics – really impressive audio (imo) without worrying about USB DACs etc 🙂


  4. Think it’s great that smartphone reviewers can be so bold as to make such a statement. Mike has a few words to add here.


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