Apple Keynote – Highlights and My Thoughts on Apple’s Blockbuster Sales Pitch

So Apple held their spring keynote speech yesterday and it was one monster of a sales pitch.

The key points –

– iPhone SE announced – the iPhone 5S with iPhone 6S specs. 16gb starts in UK at £359. 64gb is £439.

– iOS 9.3 launched – Night Shift, Touch ID for Notes, improvements to News, Car Play, Apple Health and other smaller bug fixes and tweaks for various apps

– iPad Pro – this time at 9.7 inches. 32gb, 128gb and 256gb versions.

– Reduction in pricing for Apple Watch and new bands

– Siri search for Apple TV 4th Gen plus tvOS update

– Apple Watch update allows pairing more than one Apple Watch to an iPhone

– Details on environmental policy and progress

– Carekit

On the face of it, the Apple Keynote could have seemed quite boring but actually it was a stroke of genius. Here’s my thoughts why –

– Apple now have a fully featured flagship specced iPhone for sale at £359 in the UK. That is really going to so many other brands. On contract, this phone is likely going to be free. Despite the trend towards larger phones, many will opt for this. Also, Apple now have a new iPhone to buy mid year and prior to the launch of the new iPhone release in September 2016. This will push iPhone sales even higher.

– Price reduction on the Apple Watch just as you allow more than one watch to be paired with an iPhone. Plus new bands. This will create repeat sales and bring people to the table who haven’t got an Apple Watch due to the lower price point.

– iPad Pro 9.7 inch. Apple repeatedly told everyone that the iPad Pro 9.7 inch was the perfect upgrade for you with your 5 years old windows pc and for those with ageing iPads. Apple kept repeating this was the iPad upgrade that was worth upgrading too. In addition, Apple included a 256gb storage option to help rake in the money.

So there you have it. A great sales pitch by the best marketeers in the business!

15 thoughts on “Apple Keynote – Highlights and My Thoughts on Apple’s Blockbuster Sales Pitch

  1. It was indeed a speach made to make wallets cringe in fear.
    The larger iPad Pro will also be available in 256GB (I’m sure you knew that Gavin) but would I need it…….. Nah I don’t think so.
    The 128GB 9.7″ Pro though, oh yes, I’ll have one of those please. I’ve already handed my Air 2 to my wife 🙉🙈🙊.


    1. Today I realised I may have been a little hasty in passing on my iPad Air 2 to my good lady wife.
      My intentions were to add the 9.7″ Pro with my larger 12.9″ Pro, thus giving me two creative tools to use.
      However, I have just learned the soon to be released smaller Pro will not sport the same amount of RAM as the current 12.9″ Pro!
      Whilst the older 12.9″ totals 4GB RAM the 9.7″ Pro will have 2GB RAM, the same as what is currently in the Air 2, the one I have just given away. 🙈


    1. Cant recall all the various pricing. What I have seen is a trend whereby the Apple stores sell the goods at full price but third party retailers are the ones that occasionally offer the discounts. I think Apple are working to a slightly different selling method now to adapt to the times.


  2. The new iPhone looks great. I was playing around with a 5S the other day and thinking how nice it is to have something which can be so easily used with one hand. I love my Samsung but there are times when it’s a bit of a pain having to shuffle it around in my hand to access a menu. With Android Material Design in nearly every app the menu is as far from your finger as it’s possible to be. I think it’s an appalling design decision. The menu button used to be bottom right, just where your finger was. If my eyesight wasn’t so terrible these days I’d be tempted by the SE.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t understand why it’s good, it’s good for many basic users, but i can’t imagine people use this small format in a car, particulary for the GPS. It’s so small ^^. After, it’s a choice.


      1. GPS is fine on an iPhone. It’s only in recent years we started calling it small format. I used to navigate using a Palm Treo: now that was small. I don’t think I could go back to SE size because of my eyesight but I was just thinking that there are definite advantages.


      2. Morality, it is better to wait for the future with the fold-out screens or rollable displays for all views.


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