Shot on an Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Video and Photos using the best iOS Apps

My goal at the weekend was to take my iPhone 6S Plus and record video and snap a range of photos. In addition, I wanted to use the best iOS Photography and Camera apps that I have discussed over the last month along with a few other apps that I have yet to review. I didn’t use Nightcap Pro as it wasn’t needed for this video, but it is definitely an app to include in any collection.

So the apps used were –

– Default iPhone Camera app
– ProCamera+ HDR
– Filmic Pro
– iMovie
– SnapStill
– Photos for iOS

All footage was captured hand held, that is no tripod was used. The more dramatic looking landscape photos were taken using ProCamera+. The photos below were taken with ProCamera+ and are unedited.

Dramatic view of Dartmoor #Princetown #iphone6splus

Dramatic Princetown #Dartmoor #WintersDay #iphone6splus

The default camera was used to shoot in 4K video and take burst photos of my labradors. Filmic Pro was also used for video recording. Below is a burst shot using the default camera app.

Fury & George out for a sprint on Dartmoor #Princetown #iphone6splus

Next I examined the content, and using the default Photos app I shortened the video clips to just have the action and remove any boring aspects. With some of the photos of the dogs, especially Fury (black) and Tiggy (brown) I used the Photos app again to brighten the shadows as the 2 dogs looked too dark.

I then imported everything into iMovie on the iPhone 6S Plus and produced the following 90 second video.

Now there is an importance to why I created this video. I am going to use this as the video to compare the new flagship phones. This will include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5 and others. The aim is to use the respective flagship phone to edit and master the movie just like I did on the iPhone 6S Plus and see how the final result compares!

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