Reviews Galore

Over this weekend I am hoping to finish the Netatmo Welcome camera review to be published tomorrow. 

I also have a few portable DAC/Amps to review which will be used to compare alongside the new LG G5 HiFi DAC module. 

The DACS/Amps being reviewed are the Fiio Q1 and iBasso D-Zero MK2. 

Headphones in the pipeline to be reviewed are 

– Dunu Titan 5  in ear headphones 

– Sony XBA-A3 in ear headphones

– Sennheiser HD598SE headphones 
Then there is a selection of smartphone camera accessories including the Shoulderpod R1 Pro. 

Of course there is also a selection of secret stuff under NDA’s. 

And coming around the corner  the following phones are being reviewed – 

– Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

– LG G5 plus modules

– Xiaomi Mi 5 

– more secret phones 

If there is anything you would like me to review please let me know. 

4 thoughts on “Reviews Galore

  1. Managed to get the Microsoft 950xl very cheap on Amazon monthly deal on o2, included £75 voucher as well. I know I know the software is beta. But will keep me happy as new car means no funds for a while. Hopefully the LG G5 will be much cheaper in 6 months, which is normal pattern for LG phones. Next target phone will be the Note 6.

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